Grilled Pizza

In this episode we talk about grilling pizza, a fun alternative to cooking in your kitchen oven. Recommendation: Pizza Cutting Wheel Link: NY Style Master Dough Ask us questions over on instagram (@pizzanerdsco) and remember, there’s no perfect pizza. The goal is having fun and learning! 🍕🤓 Theme music by Dyalla Swain

Neapolitan Style: Dough (Ep 09)

This episode is the second in our Neapolitan style series! We tested over 15 recipes to come up with two that we recommend. One is simple and very good. The second is more time-consuming, and it’s amazing. In this episode we take a deep dive into the dough-making process for those two recipes, including ingredients, … Read more

New York Style Pizza: technique (Ep 06)

Our first “series” explores NY style pizza. In this episode we discuss the technique of making this great pizza at home, including how to stretch dough, what surface to cook on, and how you can get your best pizza bake from your home oven. Lots of great practical advice here. We’ve got a whole list … Read more