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Pizza Nerds
Neapolitan Style: Toppings (Ep 11)

This episode is the fourth in our Neapolitan style series!

In this episode we talk about toppings for this style pizza, including basics and some special recommendations. Also, why we think it’s worth buying really good ingredients for Neapolitan pizza toppings.

Our favorite easy Neapolitan dough recipe: King Author Flour’s “Best Pizza You’ll Ever Make”

Our overall favorite Neapolitan dough recipe: LA Magazine’s “Traditional Neapolitan-Style Pizza”

Neapolitan sauce recipe (from LA Magazine): Process whole, canned San Marzano tomatoes with a hand food mill. Add 2-3 grams of salt per 24 ounces of tomatoes. For a thicker, less ‘soupy’ tomato sauce, drain tomato water before processing tomatoes. Use sauce “raw”—unheated.

Ask us questions over on instagram (@pizzanerdsco) and remember, there’s no perfect pizza. The goal is having fun and learning!


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