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Pizza Nerds
Neapolitan Style: Overview (Ep 08)

This episode is the start of our second series: Neapolitan style pizza! We tested over 15 recipes to come up with two that we recommend. One is simple and very good. The second is more time-consuming, and it’s amazing.

Next episode we’ll take a deep dive into the dough-making process for those two recipes. If you want to go ahead and try making either of them, here are the links (we’ll probably answer a lot of questions you may have in the next episode):

Our favorite easy Neapolitan recipe: King Author Flour’s “Best Pizza You’ll Ever Make”

Our overall favorite recipe: LA Magazine’s “Traditional Neapolitan-Style Pizza”

Ask us questions over on instagram (@pizzanerdsco) and remember, there’s no perfect pizza. The goal is having fun and learning!


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